4/11/2013 10:18:00 AM

First Meal: Josh Lawler of The Farm and Fisherman

Photo: Jason Varney
We’re asking top Philly food folk where they’d take a visitor for their first meal in Philadelphia. We checked in with Josh Lawler, the former Blue Hill at Stone Barns chef de cuisine whose self-funded Wash West BYO is going strong - The Farm and Fisherman is now beginning its third spring season. We checked in to see where the Conshohocken native would take someone who came down from the farm to check out Philly.

Zagat: You have friend visiting from New York who's never been to Philadelphia before. Where do you take them for their first meal in Philly, and what do you suggest they try there?

Josh Lawler: It would start with grabbing lunch at DiNic’s, for the roast pork. Also, Jeremy Nolen is doing great things at Wursthaus Schmitz, so we might try to swing by there while we’re at RTM. Then we’d move onto Vietnam Restaurant for dinner - the BBQ platter for two is always my go-to, as well as the nem nuong (grilled meatballs).

Afterwards we’d head over for a few Long Islands at Oscar’s, and we’d end on Washington Avenue with late night soft pretzels at the Center City Pretzel Co. They make their first batch of pretzels around midnight, and there’s nothing better than getting them right out of the oven when they’re fresh and hot.


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