4/02/2013 09:35:00 AM

First Look: Luna Sur Does Latin in Hell's Kitchen

One of the newer restaurant spaces in Hell's Kitchen just unveiled it's third iteration. Luna Sur Latin Bistro is now open in the space that used to house Eric Hara's Pier 9 (and before that the short-lived Agua Dulce). The owners of Guantanamera and Amor Cubano are behind the redo, which will feature traditional dishes from a number of Latin countries. Think Cauza Limena from Peru, roasted suckling pig served Cuban style and skirt take that's grilled and served with chimichurri sauce a la Argentia.

The colorful room is a festive as the two previous tenants but manages to feel more casual - garage doors that let in the open air are intact as is the vaulted ceiling in the bar area. Speaking of the bar, guests can enjoy beverages like Pisco sours and a watermelon fresca made with muddled fruit, lime juice, ginand basil. The restaurant will also feature live music six nights a week starting at 8 PM. It's currently open at 802 Ninth Avenue.


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