4/10/2013 02:30:00 PM

Explore the Underground Dining Jungle Via a Safari Supper

Tuesday Night Dinner; Photo by Erica Gannett
Underground supper club, pop-up restaurant or cool kids table - whatever you want to call the clandestine food movement - it’s trendy. The only problem is that whole secretive thing. One must be in the know or know a guy or know a guy who knows a guy to snag seats at these elusive dinners. Fear not, four members of Chicago’s underground dining community will band together (above ground) for a one-night-only progressive dinner. Via a bus, diners will be transported from location to location across Chicago where fresh food and drinks will be waiting.

“Our intention is to showcase a smidgen of the capabilities of the food driven, independent, underground dining community,” said Jacqlyn Lancaster of Tuesday Night Dinner. TND is one of the four participants that also include Guerrilla Smiles, Feast & Imbibe and Sobremesa Supper Club. The experience costs $75 and covers food, drinks and transportation. Each stop also includes art and music provided by local artists and DJs. The Safari Supper begins in Wicker Park at 5:45 with a cocktail reception and concludes in the same location with an after party. Purchase tickets here.


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