4/09/2013 02:47:00 PM

Expanded Food Options at 1 Tippling Place

Imagined as a cocktail bar, 1 Tippling Place was never meant to have extensive food options - the options for the past year since launch were nibbles, things like dates, nuts or simple crackers and cheese. Propreitor Anne Frey saw that Rittenhouse customers were looking for a bit more, however, so at the beginning of April she rolled out a new food menu.

This is still not the place to come for dinner, but Frey and bar manager David Tang have brought on Kathryn Kidder-Hollender to oversee a few more substantial bar snacks. Still in the $4-$14 price range, you can now order ceviche, a croque madame or monsieur, chipped beef (SOS) or rotating cupcake flavors to accompany your drink.

With new outdoor seating and the front windows wide open to Chestnut Street, the living room lounge looks like a solid choice for spring tippling. Look for Sunday brunch to launch later this season, too (215-665-0456).


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