4/12/2013 03:30:00 PM

Eva Longoria on Her Female-Friendly Steakhouse in Vegas

Eva Longoria is many things - a Desperate Housewife, actress, philanthropist and, in the last few years, restaurateur. Her latest project, SHe by Morton's (in partnership with Landry's), is a female-friendly steakhouse located inside The Shops at Crystals at Aria Las Vegas, replacing her now-shuttered Beso. The concept entails smaller portion sizes for women, fashion shows, inviting decor and a mirror on the back of the dessert menus (for reapplying one's lipstick). We chatted with Longoria about the eatery, which opened a few months ago, and her own preferences when it comes to steak.

Zagat: What are some of the elements of SHe that make it female-friendly?
EL: I’ve always found steakhouses to be annoyingly masculine - they’re dark; they’re loud; they have heavy, dark furniture; the serving sizes; etc. It always felt like a boys' club to me, it always felt like everybody should be smoking cigars. I wanted to create a new modern take on the steakhouse. It’s not that men can’t come; it’s a high-end dining experience that’s elegant and exclusive but intimate. We have runway fashion shows during your meal, we have a mirror on the dessert menu for you to reapply your lipstick. We have different portion sizes - He-Cuts, She-Cuts and We-Cuts. So there are a lot of fun things where we thought, "Let’s cater to women coming in." I’m a steak eater, so this is something I would have liked.

Zagat: Is there any particular experience that inspired you to do a female-friendly eatery?
EL: Well, I’m immersed in the women’s community, and I actually heard a lot of "Ugh, I don't want to go [to a steakhouse]." And I was like, c'mon, because I wanted a good steak, and what we were doing was something new with the Morton’s brand that would be different but classic. So it's got the best of both worlds. 

Zagat: Have you received a positive response from female clientele so far?
EL: Women love the service. Women are very acute to service - our service is bar none some of the best in Vegas. They also love the dessert menus, the lipstick thing, the fashion shows - they love that when you walk in it immediately feels sexy.

Zagat: Would you ever want to franchise or expand the concept nationally?
EL: I would, actually. With Beso, I was trying to contain it locally, so it was Vegas or Hollywood so I could be involved. But since we have such great operators with Morton's, it has the ability to be a really great chain and not lose its integrity.  

Zagat: Do you have any other restaurant plans in the works?
EL: Nothing right now. I've got my hands full.

Zagat: SHe's nightclub closed a few months back. Any plans for a relaunch?
EL: It was never supposed to be a nightclub - it was always going to be an extra space for events, and we just opened it to have people in. We weren't planning on it being open for a long time. Landry’s, who owns Morton’s, are not club operators.

Zagat: You seem very food-inclined. Would you ever want your own cooking show or food TV show?
EL: Ha. No, definitely not, but I am a fan of them.

Zagat: What’s your favorite cut of steak?
EL: God, I like prime rib. I like a really great marbleized piece of meat. I like some fat on it. I like it juicy, and you know, I like a lot of filet mignons.


  1. Just like her last restaurant that was in the same location that failed (Beso restaurant). It has the same problems. Garbage food and horrible service. She's stuck in Vegas from the year 2000 thinking a name will get your restaurant popular. With so many big name chefs opening here in Vegas you have to make the food spectacular, not just some mediocre Morton's cuisine. (unlike LA, Vegas is where foodies visit just for the food). And as far as DJs, please try harder, your in a town thats known for DJs. The place looks nice, but thats about it.

  2. Sorry but a Desperate Housewife is not a resume for a high end restaurant in Las Vegas when famous chef's from around the world have their restaurants competing with you. Your don't go to a place with an actor or actress name on it and expect good food because usually they are clueless to what makes a restaurant good. People in the acting business go to restaurants to been "seen" or to get freebies, not for the food.

  3. what are her qualifications to open a restaurant?