4/09/2013 05:19:00 PM

East Village News Brief: Nevada Smiths Reopening, Patio Open at L'Apicio

These people are very excited about Nevada Smith's reopening
It's a good day for East Village soccer fans who like dining outside. We hear that popular soccer bar Nevada Smiths (motto: "where football is religion"), which was forced to close its original locale more than a year ago to make room for luxury condos, is finally reopening tomorrow in its new permanent home at 100 Third Avenue.

And just over a half mile south and a smidge east, Italian hot spot L'Apicio has taken (smart) advantage of the beautiful spring weather and has started serving on its new 26-seat outdoor patio. If Al Roker is to be believed, you'll want to go quick before mother nature takes this warm weather away on Thursday.


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