4/17/2013 09:43:00 AM

East Passyunk “Best Foodie Street” Celebration Party Tonight

In December, we called it the Philly Food Neighborhood of the Year, and now East Passyunk has been recognized for its culinary cred on a national level. Food & Wine named the South Philly strip one of the “10 Best Foodie Streets in America,” and the neighborhood is celebrating with an outdoor party tonight.

From 5-7 PM, everyone is invited to gather around the Singing Fountain (at Tasker Avenue) and listen to Abruzzese folk music from Le Virtu’s favorite band, DisCanto, while enjoying happy hour specials from Fond, Stateside and other restaurants that surround the fountain. Joncarl Lachman will be offering quick preview tours of soon-to-open Noord, and you can expect an outdoor group toast, along with other festive activities.


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