4/30/2013 10:22:00 AM

Dessert Alert: Pie Shakes at Magpie

We’re calling it now, this is going to be the hottest way to cool down this summer. Magpie Artisan Pie Boutique is now serving the best mashup since chocolate met peanut butter: pie shakes. These drinkable desserts combine a slice of signature pie with Bassetts vanilla ice cream into a blended, sweet cup of heaven.

We had a chance to sample three different flavors over the weekend, and couldn’t help but fall in love. In our experience, custard pies work best, since they have only a bottom crust. In the apple pie shake, for example, the texture was very bready, and while the flavor combo is an obvious winner, the shake itself was a bit too dense, and not really refreshing.

The butterscotch-bourbon shake, on the other hand, was perfection in a mason jar. The new spring and summer menu of sweet pies just launched at the South Street West shop, and we’re betting the banana cream and lime basil pies will serve just as well in your sweet drink. Happy sipping ($8-$8.50; 267-519-2904).


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