4/18/2013 02:57:00 PM

DBGB Goes CBGB With Special Marky Ramone Dinner

Though the stretch of street that houses Daniel Boulud's DBGB doesn't feel very punk rock right now, of course the famed rock club CBGB used to be a few doors down. On April 30th, Boulud's sausage-slinging eatery is going to bring some rock-and-roll back to the hood with a special dinner. Oh, and there will also be tomato sauce. Marky Ramone himself will be in the house to tout his line of Drum-Punk Brooklyn tomato sauce, which will be served with smoked mozzarella ravioli nad a bunch of other selections from the restaurant's whole hog dinner.

The $75 meal starts at 7 PM and (in true rockstar fashion) includes bottomless pours of beers and wine from the Empire State. Could anyone who came to get sweaty in the club ever have imagined this is what would be going on less than 10 years after its shutter? Nope, but we bet it still tastes good. Get tickets here.


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