4/02/2013 12:45:00 PM

Dark Matter Soft Opens Roaster-Adjacent Coffee Bar

When you don’t just want to taste coffee, but also want to smell and hear it, this is the place for you. Dark Matter Coffee Roaster expanded its Ukrainian Village roaster to include a four-seat coffee bar. Yep, just four; it’s like the front row of a concert, but instead of Justin Timberlake, the stars are Jesse Diaz and Aaron Campos roasting some of the best coffee in Chicago. The new coffee bar has a limited menu including drink coffee, espresso, cortado (get this one), latte, cappuccino and mochas. Similar to their larger coffee bar at Star Lounge, they bring in pastries from local artisans such as Do-Rite Doughnuts and Bang Bang Pie Shop.

The graffiti-art covered exterior may not be the most welcoming fa├žade, but it’s surely intriguing with painted drawings of red curtains and rendering of the copper roaster that sits inside. The roaster was formerly only open to clients and potential accounts as well as members of the coffee industry by appointment only, but now from 6 to 11 AM it is open to anyone. Diaz is counting of foot traffic and to-go business to make up much of the new coffee bar’s clientele, but it is worth a trip for anyone who wants to see Dark Matter in action.

Above the bar are custom-made machete racks. The machetes are from trips around the world discovering the highest quality coffee beans. Behind a velvet rope sit two roasters that churn out Unicorn Blood Espresso, A Love Supreme and the April specialty roast, The Devil’s Lettuce. The coffee bar is currently in soft opening mode, but expect a grand opening shindig in a few weeks. In addition to the new bar, the outdoor patio and second floor will open next week at Star Lounge.

738 N. Western Ave.; 773-697-8472


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