4/17/2013 02:23:00 PM

Dai Due to Open a Brick-and-Mortar Restaurant

When we chatted with Dai Due chef Jesse Griffiths recently, he dropped more than a hint about his almost-signed lease on a brick-and-mortar building on the East Side. The longtime Austin staple known for his sustainable food at the farmers’ market, excellent charcuterie and all-local supper clubs told us that in about a year, all of those businesses will be combined in a full-service restaurant with retail service as well on the East Side. (And with qui opening soon too, we may never cross I-35 again.)

Breakfast and lunch will be similar to what you find at the Dai Due stand at the weekend farmers’ markets. As for dinner:
“There will be different menus each day and seafood on Fridays. We’ll have four courses, and the first course will be a vast array of things, almost like when you sit down at a Korean restaurant. Little bites of tons of stuff. Then there will be hypersimplistic foods, grilled or roasted fish and meats and vegetables. Light on flours and grains and things that make people feel not so good. We’ll include a little coffee and tea. We’ll be making our own herbal teas. And then lightly sweetened desserts in small portions. No Death by Chocolate bullshit.”
And get this: the price point will be much lower than the pretty affordable breakfasts and lunches at the farmers’ market and relatively steep supper clubs. Griffiths is shooting for $40 for those four courses. And knowing him, he’ll probably also have shot that roasted pig that’s now on your plate.


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