4/24/2013 10:12:00 AM

Cull & Pistol Adds New Sit-Down Restaurant to Chelsea Market

The new culinary offerings in and around Chelsea Market just keep coming. There's SmokeLine, which just opened on the High Line, the recently announced expansion of the market that includes a new Num Pang Sandwich shop, and the revamped version of The Lobster Place, which is still churning out one of the city's best lobster rolls. The latest edition is from the folks behind Lobster Place, but Cull & Pistol is a sit-down oyster bar where you can enjoy lunch and dinner without getting pushed out of the way by the hordes of shoppers.

It takes its name from crustacean talk - "cull" is a lobster who's lost one claw to predation and "pistol" is a little critter who's lost two. In addition to the signature lobster roll, the menu includes an extensive raw bar and dishes like fideos negros and grilled hamachi collars. Alcoholic beverages will be served, and good, because you need to have a glass of wine or two to deal with the aforementioned crowds. Expect a good selection of highly acidic pours to go with all that seafood, and a few beer cocktails with names like the Hopped Mary and Gator Beer 2.0. The eatery is currently open on the Ninth Avenue side of the market.


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