4/09/2013 04:48:00 PM

Create the Next Great Chicago Beer Ad

Like the Oscars of beer advertisements, 30 Seconds Over Chicago announced a contest to capture 36 local breweries in 30-second videos. Grand prize is $1000, alas, it’s not as easy as whipping out a camera and filming some friends drinking a round at the local bar. On the contest’s website, open forums are set up for each of the breweries. Here, directors can pitch brewers. In a selection process similar to that of The Voice, each will choose a favorite pitch (if more than one brewer picks a “pitcher,” said pitcher can decide which brewery to work with). The videos are produces and judged by a panel of experts. There are about 26 other rules we skimmed over, but you can read those on your own time. Over the next few weeks, organizers are hosting storyboard sessions to brainstorm for the April 30 craft beer ad competition. Long story short, this is a bit of healthy competition between breweries such as Ale Syndicate, Dryhop, Wild Onion and Two Brothers. The product, hopefully, are a few creative videos.


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