4/19/2013 09:47:00 AM

Coop to Table: Rosemary's Will Cook With Eggs From Rooftop Chickens

The team at Rosemary's is going beyond farm to table at their West Willage restaurant. Last week, six chickens arrived from upstate New York, and were installed in a coop on the roof. Carlos Suarez, owner of Rosemary's and Bobo, says he plans to introduce the birds' fresh eggs at brunch. "We will do dishes around the eggs, like eggs over asparagus. They really taste amazing.'' But at this point, the chickens aren't being too productive. "We think three are laying eggs so far and they lay one per day. We might need to put a heater up there.''

The restaurant recently launched a contest where you can suggest names for the poultry (check out their social media). Our suggestion? Dinner (though carnivores may be disappointed as these birds won't be sent to the roaster). Check out more photos below the jump.


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