4/19/2013 10:12:00 AM

Chipotle Will Roll Out Made-to-Order Margaritas

Things are about to get a bit boozier at Chipotle. Huff Post has word that the fast-casual chain is rolling out a new selection of made-to-order margaritas, with guests being able to choose Sauza or Patron tequila. The stores do have pre-made margs now, but apparently they haven't been rolling off the shelf. By providing a fresher recipe (they are using agave nectar instead of sugar as a sweetening agent) they're hoping that sales will go up along with tipsiness. The cocktails will cost either $6.50 or $8 depending on which type of hooch you want and will roll out in time for Cinco de Mayo. Crucial question: can we get that with salt?


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