4/24/2013 05:28:00 PM

California's Effort to Extend Last Call Fails in Senate Committee

Looks like San Francisco’s dream of a 4 AM last call have been dashed, at least for now. The proposal to give the city and other California counties and cities the authority to extend bar and restaurant hours until 4 AM like their counterparts in Las Vegas, NYC and Miami was defeated narrowly in the state Senate committee last night. While the proposal had large support from the city's restaurant and bar community who hoped to boost their bottom line with extended hours, opponents such as the police and the Alcohol Justice expressed concern about public safety and the possible rise of “liquor commuters”, patrons who cross county lines in search of one last drink. Before you cry into your beer, know this. Supporters hope to put the measure directly to the voters on the 2016 ballot. So it may not be last call for this one just yet.


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