4/24/2013 03:12:00 PM

Blind-Tasting Bingo with Anthony Strong

photo via Edible San Francisco
For those of you who love Dining in the Dark, here’s new multi-sensual game to try: Blind-Tasting Bingo. Billed as a game of sensory deprivation and culinary exploration, this one-night only, adult-oriented evening of taste and mystery being held at the San Francisco Cooking School next Wednesday night in conjunction with Edible San Francisco challenges players to test their tasting mettle without the aid of their eyes. Participants are blindfolded and presented with a series of mystery bites, in this case prepared by none other than Anthony Strong (of Locanda), and they have to try to identify what they ate from a list of options on a bingo board that includes both correct and incorrect answers. (Better bone up on your offal). If this tongue twister seems like your idea of a good time, step right up to get your tickets. Better still, all proceeds will go to the Bay Area Women’s and Children Coalition. Note: The menu for the game will be gluten- and nut-free but will contain meat and alcohol (May 1, 7-10 PM, $50 per person, San Francisco Cooking School, 690 Van Ness Ave).


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