4/18/2013 03:08:00 PM

Best Thing We Ate Today: French Toast Souffle at Little Dom's

The best part of breakfast meetings is that they don't happen in a stuffy office or worse, a cubicle. The best part of breakfast meetings at Little Dom's? This. The French toast souffle at this Los Feliz restaurant is more like dessert really - it arrives at the table fluffy and piping hot in its cast-iron pan and is quickly smothered with creme fraiche whipped cream and maple syrup. The toppings melt into the souffle, and every bite is as creamy, buttery and sweet as the last. Good strong coffee, a sunny patio table and this (or the breakfast pizza, any of the frittatas or even a bowl of granola) makes getting up early that much easier. During the week, you can actually get in and out of there in less than an hour; on the weekends, you might wait up to an hour for a table. Take your pick.


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