4/08/2013 12:02:00 PM

Best Thing We Ate This Weekend: Lobster Club at Brinkley's Station

It's not too often that we eat Saturday brunch at 60th and Lex. Not to be location snobby and all, but it's a tourist-heavy part of town that we scarcely visit save for when friends or family are staying at hotels nearby. Such was the case this weekend, and we picked brunch spot Brinkley's Station for an early morning meal, having heard good things. The large space was mostly empty at that hour but we were more than pleasantly surprised by the high-quality grub that this place is churning out. The lobster club sandwich combined creamy lobster salad, crispy pancetta, avocado and arugula in a way that hit every flavor point - creamy, salty, smoky, sweet and peppery. The near-perfect sweet potato fries, served in a mini fry basket weren't too shabby either, dusted with brown sugar and salt. Turns out Midtown does have its charms.


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