4/15/2013 02:15:00 PM

Best Thing We Ate This Weekend: BBQ Pig Tails at Cheu Noodle Bar

If you’ve never tried them, pig tails might be best described as chicken wings on steroids, or - when done right - the best snack food known to man. It's easy to overcook them and dry them out, but chef Ben Puchowitz does no such thing. The BBQ pig tail special at Cheu Noodle Bar was the highlight of our weekend eating.

As with wings, to enjoy pig tails you have to be willing to get your hands dirty (they’re finger food, with small bones surrounded by meat, fat and skin). Cheu’s agrodolce sauce is something you’ll happily lick off, though, with memories of each bite ringing ’round your tongue.

Every mouthful brings crunch (the crisped skin), meatiness (the shreds of pork), oozing, unctuous flavor (the tails carry as much fat as meat) and sweet tang from the sesame BBQ sauce. If you’re lucky, the Wash West noodle bar will run this special again, perhaps even tonight (267-639-4136).

UPDATE: We just got hold of a revised menu, launching April 17, and the BBQ pig tails are on it as a regular dish! Tail tastiness can now be yours for $9 any time the restaurant is open (which is every evening except Tuesday). Many of the opening dishes are still around, with a few changes. One interesting new addition are the peanut noodles, with ground duck, water spinach and foie gras ($13).


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