4/25/2013 09:12:00 AM

Best Thing We Ate This Week: Beef Tartare at Sbraga

The beef tartare at Sbraga will change your life, if only to make you realize you now love beef tartare. Kevin Sbraga makes minced magic out of Imperial Wagyu, turning it into a rich but incredibly easy-eating square that’s perfectly matched by its toppings: dill, shaved hearts of palm, and bits of housemade za’atar crackers. On the side is the finishing touch, a swoosh of French onion dip.

If you go for the optional beverage pairing with your $49, four-course meal (which GM Ben Fileccia tells us most people do), the tartare will be paired with The Barbacoa cocktail. Sombra mezcal, pomegranate, lime juice and muddled jalapeƱo combine in slightly spicy fashion beneath a smoked salt rim.

Bar manager Anwar Morgan designed the drink to provide the smoky flavor that goes so well with beef, but is missing from a tartare (for obvious reasons). The dish is currently available at the Avenue of the Arts dining room (215-735-1913).


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