4/18/2013 12:51:00 PM

Best Thing We Ate Last Night: Grilled Blowfish Tails at Uncle Boons

We can’t think of eating blowfish without wondering if we’re courting death - word on the street is that if not prepared properly, this fatty, white fish could be poisonous. Not so, our extremely knowledgeable server informed us - it’s only the liver that can do this, so the grilled blowfish tails at Uncle Boons, a new Thai spot in Nolita from Per Se vets, are 100% safe to eat. We didn’t need any further encouragement to order the $14 dish, best shared as an appetizer. The tails remind us of fish lollipops; after spritzing with charred lime, just pick them up by the very end, dunk them into the acidic, spicy sauce and pop ‘em into your mouth. The tender meat practically flakes off the bone itself, and after the first bite, it becomes a rush to eat more before anyone else at the table finishes them off. Pair these lollis with the restaurant's slushie beer, and you’ve got the start of a fantastic meal.


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