4/26/2013 03:07:00 PM

Best Thing We Ate Last Night: Deep-Fried Pizza at Sake Bar Hagi

It's not often that we find ourselves in Times Square, but when we do, we almost always go through the usual panic about where to go for a quick, cheap bite. Ironic meals at Chevy's just aren't going to cut it (plus your clothes end up smelling like a grease-trap). More often than not, we end up at Sake Bar Hagi, the basement izakaya on 47th Street. It's got its own kind of mob - you've got to get there pretty close to 6:30 PM if you want to be seated right away, but it's always a rewarding experience. Every time we go, we notice something we haven't tried on the menu, and last night, it was the deep-fried pizza. When we ordered, we checked for any signs of disapproval from the waiter over such a gimmicky-sounding choice - not even a slightly raised eyebrow.

When the plate with the two pizza slices arrived, we wondered if perhaps our judgement had been wrong after all - it looks like something that might be served at a frat party in hell. How do you even eat these things? After some embarrassing attempts to be graceful about it, we ended up just stabbing them with our chopsticks and gnawing at them, state fair-style. Not pretty. But our shame quickly faded as we chowed down, slipping into the hazy bliss that can only be induced by a tempura-coated combo of bread, sauce and cheese. Talk about guilty pleasures. It's a miracle we stayed awake during the play afterward.

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