4/26/2013 04:03:00 PM

Beer News: Dark Lord Day, Three Floyds Taprooms and Lagunitas Expansion

Dark Lord Day, the one day of the year that Three Floyds releases its Russian Imperial Stout, is on Saturday. Tickets are required and sold out almost immediately. However, a pair is waiting at The Beer Temple, hand-delivered by the Dark Lord himself. The tickets, as well as a ride to and from the Indiana brewery, will be given away in a raffle at 7 PM. Representatives from Goose Island will also be at the store with samples of the vintage collection.

In other Three Floyds news, the brewery announced plans to open two taprooms in Chicago. DNA Info interviewed the brewery’s owner, Nick Floyd, and he revealed that he is looking for one or two spaced in Chicago for brewpubs as well as hoping to start distilling whiskey at the brewery. DNA Info also reported that the Lagunitas expansion and taproom opening is delayed from June to August, but it also will add a second brewhouse.

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  1. Actually the owner said he would like to open a few brewpubs. It was not an official announcement of two brewpubs opening.