4/24/2013 05:30:00 PM

Bars Still Have to Close at 2 AM

Sorry, Angelenos. We will not be keeping the bars open until 4 AM. The Senate Committee on Governmental Organization voted no on SB 645, which would have allowed it in California. Can't say we're surprised or even really bummed about it, at least for LA. On one hand, we wish everyone could tipple a bit more until the wee hours here, like other metropolitan cities. On the other, our public transportation system, while getting better, still needs a lot of work. If you can't drink till 4 AM and take a train or some other cheap, easy way home (cabs can cost up to $40, depending on where you're going) then we'd rather everyone grab another beer somewhere else, preferably somewhere they won't need to drive home from. Plus, if the law passed, that would be one less thing New Yorkers would have to complain about in LA. We kind of like their silly why-NY-is-better-than-LA lists. [Marin Independent via LAist]


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