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Ask the Austin Zagat Blog: Why Are There So Many Pig Roasts Recently?

Eating out in our fair city raises all sorts of burning questions. Is it okay to take a date to a food trailer? Yay or nay on cargo shorts at Uchiko? Then there are the more general questions we’ve always wondered but been too afraid to ask. Are you allowed to eat garnish? Who pays for that extra appetizer? 

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This week a reader asked us, Why are there so many pig roasts recently? 

We know what you mean. There was Homegrown Revival’s recent pig roast, another one at Johnson’s Backyard Garden’s annual potluck on April 7 and it seems Banger’s Sausage House and Beer Garden and Contigo are always roasting whole hogs.

Part of it is due to the whole nose-to-tail eating movement. No one knows this better than Tink Pinkard, a professional hunting and fly-fishing guide and the owner of Roast company. Last year Pinkard did 32 whole pig roasts, and this year he plans to do 50 total, and hopefully some of those will be cabrito, lamb, wild game, whole redfish and more.

About the burgeoning whole-carcass roast movement, he says it’s all part of the locally focused farm-to-table movement. “The more folks become more educated about the foods we eat, the more they want to learn about where their food comes from, how it’s fed, raised, slaughtered and roasted. Also, I think that being that we live in Texas, we know we love barbecue, and roasting a whole animal is the best barbecue ever, in my opinion.”

What do you think? Is a whole-animal roast appealing or revolting? 

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