4/30/2013 03:38:00 PM

Artisans in Austin: Happy Vegan Baker

While exploring some of the major farmers’ markets in this city, we started to notice a theme: the Happy Vegan Baker. From oatmeal cookie sandwiches to apple pie, the shop provides all-vegan treats to well, happy customers.

The tiny establishment doesn’t even have a storefront, but you’ll find the sweets at the SFC farmers’ markets as well as several others and at Bouldin Creek Café, Bennu and House Wine, among other places. Behind the cruelty-free baked goods is owner Inge Jorgenson, a former pastry chef at Hudson’s on the Bend who realized she could make vegan versions of the desserts. Along with two head chefs, she whips up cupcakes, biscotti Mexican brownies and more.

And lest you think we’re enabling you to only eat dessert, check out their savory options, like lentil shepherd’s pie and mac and chz.


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