4/15/2013 02:08:00 PM

Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown: Episode 1 - Myanmar

Image via CNN
Parts Unknown, the newest series from travel/food guru Anthony Bourdain, premiered last night on CNN, with its first episode exploring Myanmar. The show will remind you of Bourdain's long-running series No Reservations, with a similar format plus some new visual effects and an appropriately 'rock n' roll' opening sequence. In case you missed it, check out the entire thing right here.


  1. I was rather disappointed with your Myanmar show. I lived there for 6 years from 1999-2005 and loved the natural beauty and spirit of the people. I understand that your focus is on food, but why so much coverage of the rickety train ride to Bagan, a quick shot of the Shwedagon without even identifying this magnificent structure and its significance to the country. The old crumbling colonial buildings are there, but how about the refurbished Strand Hotel from this era? It seems that the focus was on many of the negative aspects of Yangon. And most blatant was the fact that you mispronounced the name of the country. How basic is that?? The final "r" is silent and not "MyanmaR but MyanmA.

    1. I disagree. Beautiful camera work. Beautiful people. It made me want to visit.

  2. I agree, I seen some good documentaries that don't search out and zoom in on the dirt in the back alleys, but on the good things a country has to offer. But some do, and some how the producers seem to want their audience to snikker and feel good like they don't have dirty back alleys etc..it reflects poor judgement, insensitivity and insecurity.