4/17/2013 01:30:00 PM

Anthony Bourdain and Roy Choi Eat Spicy Soondubu in K-Town

In case you missed Anthony Bourdain and Roy Choi throwin' down at the Pantages in Hollywood last night, check out this teaser for an upcoming Los Angeles episode of Bourdain's new CNN show, Parts Unknown. Choi takes the host to Beverly Soon Tofu for soondubu, what Bourdain calls a "tongue-searing, ass-burning tofu soup that will make you forget every bad thing you ever thought about tofu." 

Since the episode looks like it was curated by Choi, we can't wait to see what other spots the two hit. What we don't expect to see? SBE's Cleo, where the two dined after the Pantages, according to the Twitters. But why not eat there: It's close, it's good and there's carrot harissa dip and hot pita bread. Meze for all! Look for the Los Angeles Parts Unknown epi on Sunday, April 21, at 9 PM.

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  1. I thought halo-halo was a Filipino dessert. Patbingsu is the Korean equivalent.