4/12/2013 09:53:00 AM

Americans Plan to Spend Their Tax Refunds on Travel

Australia tops traveler's dream destinations; photo by Zach Casper via Flickr
We don't know about you, but the moment we get our tax refund check in our hot little hands, we've already daydreamed a million and one trips to spend it on. Turns out we're not alone. According to a survey released this week by the Travel Leaders Group, 43.8% of those polled say they would use some or all of their return on travel. And almost all of the respondents who had other uses for their return still planned to take a leisure trip this year. So what are the dream destinations? Internationally, respondents named Australia, Italy, New Zealand, a cruise around the world and Fiji as their top picks. Domestically Hawaii, California, Alaska, Florida and New York won out. Do you have a refund coming your way? Where would you like to go with it?


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