4/29/2013 10:22:00 AM

Airline Change Fees On the Rise...Again

Photo by jbself20 via Flickr
Booking a flight on United Airlines or US Airways?  You better hope your plans don't change. The airlines have increased fees for passengers who need to adjust their schedule, CNBC reports. Change fees now start at $200 for domestic flights up to $300 for international in addition to the fare difference between the original flight and the new flight. If you paid, lets say, $250 for a flight from New York to Chicago and needed to change to a date when the ticket cost was $350, you'd be charged the $200 change fee plus the $100 difference in ticket price.  That means it would cost you $300 to change the flight in addition to the $250 you paid for the original flight. Ouch. The airlines claim that the increase in fees is to account for the costs they claim to incur when a passenger chooses not to fly in the place reserved for them. But with planes more crowded than ever and overbooking at all-time highs, that reason doesn't hold, analyst Henry Harteveldt of Hudson Crossing says. What do you think? Have change fees gotten out of control?  Would you opt to book on airlines with lower fees (Southwest only charges the difference in ticket price; JetBlue charges $100 plus the ticket difference).


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