4/23/2013 11:33:00 AM

Affordable Alternatives to High-End Restaurants in 15 U.S. Cities

Sushi at Kabuki in Las Vegas
Venturing out to a new city and can’t afford to splurge on the chef’s tasting menu? To help you experience the finest flavors without breaking the bank, we pulled together a list of high-end restaurants and affordable alternatives in 15 U.S. cities. Check out the splurge eatery and then the less-pricey option beneath it in each slide below.


  1. it's good to know that that their are still affordable alternatives to high-end restaurants in 15 US cities. otherwise, i'm sure their will be many who might be able to buy already their best foods.

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  2. You really can't call Vetri's $155 per person fixed price offering an affordable meal in Philadelphia. Better to tag Amis, Marc Vetri's gourmet entry right around the corner from his pricier self-titled venue.

  3. Finally, Atlanta is mentioned! How many Atlanta chefs have won/been on TV Food shows?

  4. Did Zagat's throw a dart to say Torchy's is viable offering of "Mexican cuisine?" Just b/c it's wrapped in a tortilla doesn't make it Mexican.

    Torchy's is good but hard to classify as true Mexican. If you want a closer representation of a cheaper version of Fonda San Miguel I would have chose La Condessa or Garrido's. And if cheaper and something with a tortilla is the goal I'd have gone with Rosita's Al Pastor (restaurant or truck), Curra's, Colibri Cuisine, or Mellizoz Tacos.

    1. La Condessa is stupid expensive and not even close to true Mexican food. It's "see and be seen" Mexican food. Fonda San Miguel is more affordable and much better.

  5. We hope they will be introduced to Adelaide in Australia as well soon.

  6. We hope they will be introduced to Adelaide in Australia as well soon.

  7. The place is great and the foods looks so affordable delicious. I would like to try that out. Thank for sharing this. You did a nice job.