4/08/2013 11:47:00 AM

9 Game-Changing Donut Shops Around the U.S.

Doughnut Plant, NYC
At one time cupcakes might have been the sweet craze of the moment, then macarons most definitely were (and in some cases still are). Donuts began to transform years ago from beloved lowbrow snack to the artisanal go-to dessert of choice that has hipsters lining up out the door. Shops are open not just in the mornings for breakfast, but also late into the evening. In the past year or so, that transformation has seemed to reach every corner of the country, to the point that there’s no denying it: the donut is the new cupcake. Here are nine places that are proving donuts’ worth as the new queen of pastries.


  1. Fractured Prune is awesome. They're also in the beach towns of Delaware and Maryland

  2. sorry, Donut Man in Glendora, CA out does all these hipster places - 40 years strong....tradition...http://www.yelp.com/biz_photos/the-donut-man-glendora?select=nhMKNPyvMudADXsOGpIamA#nhMKNPyvMudADXsOGpIamA

  3. I thought Fractured Prune started in Ocean City MARYLAND. They have a franchise in NJ but corporate is in DE.

  4. Dutch Monkey Doughnuts outside of Atlanta in Cumming GA is the best in the state.

  5. Union Square Donuts in Somerville!


  6. You said . . . Basically they’ve made a donut fit for anyone with any dietary restriction.

    REALLY?! I don't see any gluten free options . . . no sugar free, either.

    Kinda left out the two biggest dietary restrictions associated with donuts, didn't ya?

    And yes, it can be done, with fabulous results.