4/30/2013 06:12:00 PM

8 Great Mexican Food Remixes in SF

Pork kimchi burrito by HRD (Photo via Flickr/bubbletea1)
By Tamara Palmer
Restaurants and food trucks of all stripes here have honed in on the simple yet innovative awesomeness of the burrito, taco or nacho structure. These categories have transcended their Mexican (and Cal-Mex) roots to become large umbrellas for a whole world of ideas. In the Bay Area, nachos can be Malaysian, burritos Filipino and tacos Korean and it all makes perfect sense. These inspired remixes will have you looking at old favorites in a new way. What's your favorite international take on a Mexican standard?

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  1. Best burrito I've ever had was Punjab Burrito in Mill Valley. I think they have one in Petaluma and Sausalito now.