4/12/2013 09:30:00 AM

5 Things You Need to Know About The New Fatty 'Cue

Fans of Brooklyn’s Fatty 'Cue will remember the day the beloved pork palace closed for temporary renovations, which many people speculated was actually the permanent demise of this haunt. Weeks, months, a hurricane, even a presidential election went by with no signs of life on South 6th street. On Tuesday, the extended wait officially ended and the 'cue rose from the ashes (does a barbecue smoker leave ashes?). We stopped by last night to fatten up and obtain some key facts about the reboot.

1. The dining room, not the vibe, got a revamp: Do yourself a favor and leave the suit at home. Fatty Cue’s interior may have grown up (it now mimics the higher end West Village location), but the clientele remain as cool and casual as ever. Opt for a T-shirt and non-skinny jeans considering you’re probably going to leave very full.

2. Drink Up: Curated by Death & Co’s Phil Ward, the completely revamped cocktail menu is a major reason you may wind up never leaving the bar area in favor of the back dining room. With options like the Nacho Libre and Up In Smoke, both featuring chili infused tequila, you no longer have to wonder what pairs best with Southeastern Asian Barbecue. The correct answer here is any alcoholic beverage.

3. Forks are present, but so are your hands: Don’t be afraid to get down and dirty with any, if not all of the dishes. The new green chilli lamb bao and pig ear with sea urchin starters are so much more fun to enjoy when caution and utensils are thrown to the wind.

4. Sharing really is caring: Want to try a little of everything on the menu but don’t have the bandwidth? Bring a friend or two and order for the table. Dishes are meant to be mixed and matched so don’t let someone dominate the bowl of Nasi Ulam!

5. What’s old is new. Sort of: Don’t forget about old favorites like Dragon Pullman Toast and pork ribs which are back and better than ever - distance does make the heart grow fonder. And the infamous ‘Recession Special’ is still alive - and $1 cheaper - even if the recession isn’t. Opt for a shot of bourbon, spicy pickle back, and a PBR to start or (more realistically) end your night.

The Details: 91 South 6th Street, Brooklyn; 718-599-3090


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