4/10/2013 11:41:00 AM

5 Places Where You Can Legitimately Say Your Cell Phone Won't Work

Denali National Park. Photo by drledft.

In this world of hyperconnectivity, it’s harder and harder to find a destination that’s truly off the grid. But for many citizens of the 21st-century world, visiting a place where the background noise is birdsong and not the tinny ring of a cellphone is becoming an attraction in itself. As any traveler can tell you, there are plenty of remote places officially on the grid whose service is spotty at best. (If you look at a map of cellphone coverage in the United States, for example, patches of Montana’s big-sky midsection and Maine’s forested north remain unblemished.) And an increasing number of resorts and destination hotels ban the use of cellphones in certain areas. But to be truly cellphone-free - for now, anyway - here are five remote and enticing spots to check out.


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