4/23/2013 10:44:00 AM

5 Best Restaurants in Chestnut Hill

The Northwest Philly neighborhood of Chestnut Hill has all the charm of a quaint town. However, it’s still within Philadelphia city limits, which means that unlike more isolated Main Streets, Germantown Avenue is home to several restaurants with serious food cred. Of the many established ventures along the cobblestone, trolley-tracked strip, here are the five best, according to your votes in our Survey.


  1. Where is Heirloom? Beats everything else on your list, I think.

  2. From the Boot has a line out the door everynight. I guess it's not paying you guys enough money for the endorsement.

  3. From the Boot isn't in Chestnut Hill. So, my guess is that would be why it would not be on this list.