4/09/2013 12:00:00 PM

16 Great Restaurant Deals Around the U.S.

Loco Pez, Philadelphia
With Tax Day just around the corner, we're giving you the lowdown on where to blow that giant refund or, alternatively, save your pennies and eat on the cheap. In doing so, we found a ton of great deals throughout our eight blog cities, so we felt the need to share some of our favorites. Click through to check out 16 places across the U.S. to get gourmet grub at bargain-basement prices.


  1. This borders on the ridiculous. Here we have 16 places to eat. If I counted right, there were 3 of them in NYC, 3 of them in Chi-town, 3 in Philly, 2 in Austin, and 2 in Frisco. I am absolutely sure that other cities have great places to eat in them. How about Denver, Dallas, Orlando, Houston, Seattle, etc, et al.

    Some on Zagat, try harder.

    1. I sooooo agree....this wasn't any help at all...