4/18/2013 06:32:00 PM

14 Best Sandwich Spots Around LA

A great sandwich is the sum of its parts: the perfect amount of delicious meats, vegetables, cheeses and spreads and, of course, excellent bread, be it fresh-baked whole grain or a roll double dipped in meaty jus. We have great subs, pastrami kings, grilled cheeses and everything in between all over town. Here are the top 14 sandwich spots from the 2013 Los Angeles Restaurants guide, and don't forget to vote for your favorites in the current survey.

Also, if you want some tips on how you can make the perfect sandwich at home, check out this video.


  1. Food technology that makes our mouth watering..... desperately.So give different types of recipes too.

  2. Sorry but the staff at Mendocino Farms are definitely not friendly... Always feeling rushed and if you ask a question or take more than a split second to make a decision they get snippy.

    1. That's not been my experience at all at Mendocino Farms. I find them very friendly and accommodating, at least at the one at Fairfax and 3rd. Of course, if you go at lunch "rush hour", they're under pressure to move the line along, but I've found them even then to be pleasant.

  3. I haven't tried those, but once I get in to L.A. again I'll drop by at 3 Square Bakery Cafe.

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