4/22/2013 05:38:00 PM

11 Must-Try Guilty Dining Pleasures Around DC

Fried chicken and bacon donut sandwich, anyone?
If spring is here, summer swimsuit season can't be far behind. Happily, we still have a few more weeks of indulgent eating and drinking before that moment of truth in front of the mirror arrives. A good thing, since chefs keep making everything better with pork belly and ‘more is more’ seems to be the mantra when it comes to burger combos. Below, find dishes with pork belly, burgers and even more decadent dishes we can’t wait to enjoy with relish and abandon.


  1. Does anyone even try these restaurants? Some of the dishes highlighted are at some of DC's most subpar eateries.

    1. Yes; a few are lower-level restaurants, but some of these dishes (haven't tried all of them yet) are simply wonderful! I wouldn't go to all these eateries for a regular meal, but these specialties are mostly worthy of a try.