3/26/2013 10:42:00 AM

World's Most Expensive Dining Scenes Get a Discount

Every traveler knows that haute culinary experiences in Paris or Tokyo come with a high price tag and more than a few cultural formalities. The average cost of food alone at a high-end restaurant in Tokyo averages about $158 per person. Add in wine or cocktails and you'll nearly double that bill, according to CNN. But the hottest tables are no longer the haute-est in either city. More casual spots have been mixing inventive fare and casual vibes with more reasonable price tags. From the seven-courses at L'As in Tokyo (just $55 per person) to the funky Japanese fare at Abri in Paris (20-34 euros for lunch), travelers can get in on some of the world's top tables for much less. What are your favorite international splurges? And what's your favorite culinary deal?


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