3/11/2013 05:02:00 PM

Welcome Spring With a CSA Signup at Metropolitan Bakery

Spring is so close you can almost smell the sugary scent of marshmallow Peeps exploding in the microwave. Wait, no. Fresh fruits and veggies are the real prize of the season, and Metropolitan Bakery has partnered with four different farms to offer community supported agriculture (CSA) shares.

From now through April 15, you can sign up to receive a weekly batch of local produce delivered to either the bakery’s Rittenhouse or Chestnut Hill location. Prices vary, but start as low as $27 per week. If 19th Street is convenient to you, go for the plan with Red Earth Farms, Highland Orchards or Lancaster Farm Fresh, and if you’re out in the northwest, opt for Wilmer’s Organics. There’s no easier way to make sure your larder stays full.

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