3/22/2013 01:00:00 PM

Weekend Wanderlust: A Cheesy Ode to France

The Producers - Yan from tiger in a jar on Vimeo.
It’s Friday and to help get you through the day, we’ve decided to start a new feature called Weekend Wanderlust. Each week, we’ll feature a different video, song or book that inspires us to want to get out there and book a trip. We’ll also include some quick-hit suggestions for how you can duplicate the experience. Or you can just ignore the details and settle in for some armchair travel.

First up? The Producers, a mist-shrouded daydream of a film that features a French cheesemaker showing the progression of his product from his lush farm to a kitchen to the most ethereal, perfect soufflé. It celebrates the quiet joy of well-made food. Inspired? Book a trip to Burgundy, and you can cook in the very kitchen featured in the film through the classes and market tours offered at The Cook’s Atelier.


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