3/14/2013 10:14:00 AM

Weekend Planner: Tweeting About Wine and Eating Boar Sausage

New on the brunch menu at Pecking Order

Twitter Tasting
There are two ways to participate in the Argentinian wine tasting at the South Loop Whole Foods. First, join them in-store on Thursday at 7 PM, when wine specialists will talk about and taste wine from some of Argentina's best wineries. Second, whether you are in store or not, follow the tasting on Twitter with the hashtag #WFMwine.

Go Green
We know we already provided you with enough St. Patrick’s Day celebrations to keep you drinking until next year, but if none of those appealed to you, try Moonshine’s green domination weekend. It begins on Friday with food and drink specials, and continues through the weekend with “Kegs and Eggs” on Saturday (773-862-8686).

Sausage Shop
The new Off Site Bar at Longman & Eagle we mentioned a few weeks ago will launch its pop-up sausage shop this Saturday at 11 AM. This week’s specials are a veal sausage with pho-inspired flavor and a wild boar sausage made with meat from Slagle Farm. Both are served with housemade chips for $10.

New Brunch
Pecking Order launches a new brunch menu on Sunday. Additions include fried rice with charred bok choy, Chinese sausage and spicy sambal; French toast made with pandesal bread, bananas, coconut caramel and toasted coconut with housemade farmer’s cheese; and applewood-smoked bacon benedict with poached eggs, miso hollandaise and tomato on grilled pandesal bread (773-907-9900).

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