3/08/2013 06:40:00 PM

Water Grill Replacing Santa Monica's Ocean Avenue Seafood

The new Water Grill SaMo
When the Kings Seafood revamped the 24-year-old Water Grill last year, we couldn't help but notice that it could be a seafood restaurant in Anytown USA. Meaning it's woodsy, slightly nautical decor, more laid-back vibe, and regional dishes from all over the map could really be plunked down anywhere, whether it was near the water or not. Looks like the parent company agrees: Water Grill will replace another Kings Seafood restaurant, the aging Ocean Avenue Seafood in Santa Monica. The last day to hit raw bar is Sunday, March 17.

It's obvious the new Water Grill was designed to be replicated, and it will probably work well in SaMo. But just like moving away from haute seafood menus by the likes of David LeFevre (MB Post) and Michael Cimarusti (Providence), it loses a bit of uniqueness by having more than one outpost. Then again, no one will complain about more good raw bars by the ocean.

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  1. I miss the old ocean ave seafood. Hope the new water grill is as good. Didn't like the downtown location. Hope they save some things from the old menu.