3/05/2013 12:40:00 PM

Two Truths and a Lie: Chris Scarduzio of Table 31

Chris Scarduzio has been on a slow and steady rise since opening Brasserie Perrier with Georges Perrier in the late 1990s. In addition to two Atlantic City restaurants (Mia and Scarduzio's), he now runs swanky Italian Table 31 in the Comcast Center, and is in the middle of opening his first “non-destination” restaurant on East Passyunk.

We caught up with the busy chef to find out a bit more about him. Two of the following statements from Chris are completely true. One is a made up lie. Which is which? Take a guess below to find out.

We also learned Chris credits his grandmother with teaching him everything he needed to know about cooking. Originally from Abruzzo, Italy, Carmella Mazzenga trained her budding chef grandson in West Philly’s Overbrook neighborhood, in a small row house with 16 people living in it. “The greatest memories of cooking I have are from that kitchen,” he remembers.

He’ll be able to replicate a bit of that cozy feeling when his new South Philly restaurant opens. IN a recent conversation with the Passyunk Post, Scarduzio explains that his plans for the former Artisan Boulanger spot are to create a neighborhood spot, one he hopes will stick around for many years. “Hopefully my grandchildren will come into work there,” he told the Post. The target date for launch is within the next eight or nine months, so we’ll keep you updated. Will wings be on the menu? Seems like a distinct possibility.


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