3/22/2013 12:59:00 PM

Truck Stops: Frysmith Gets Off the Road, Opening Storefront Soon

Look for more of these soon

Yet another popular food truck is living the dream and permanently parking. After more than three years, Frysmith, known for heaping piles of fresh-cut fries topped with everything from pork belly and kimchi to rajas or old-fashioned chili and cheese, will serve it's last paper boat tonight. But the good news is that owners Erik Cho and Brook Howell are in the final phases of securing a brick-and-mortar location in Burbank, with sights set on opening in a few months.

Cho couldn't give us too many details about the where yet - the dotted lines haven't been signed - but he said they're shooting to open this summer. "We're closing up now to get our ducks in a row," he said about leaving on a high note. But they're keeping the truck around for catering gigs.

Frysmith recently turned to soups, sandwiches and quesadillas for a week, so you may see some of those items on the new menu. But the smothered fries are what you want. Trust. You can find the truck tonight, its last on the road, parked at 5240 Alhambra Avenue from 7:30 PM until "late."


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