3/28/2013 04:30:00 PM

More Details Trickle Out About Trois Mec

As we've noted over and over, Trois Mec still isn't open yet, but we told you one way to get a seat at the highly anticipated restaurant from Ludovic Lefebvre, Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo before it officially debuts. And although Daily Dish gave a "first look" at the restaurant, just like with us and everyone else, details are still kept to a minimum.

We don't know exactly what the menu will be, but we know it will loosely be based around the French bistronomie experience - high-end dining at more casual prices. We know that in addition to Ludo at the helm, there's a recent 30 Under 30 winner as his chef de cuisine, and another one running the front of the house. We knew the space was intimate, but now we know it has marble floors, tables with benches, and a kitchen counter that seats 24 people. "The concept isn't really a restaurant, it's a kitchen," Ludo says. "I want every table to feel like a chef's table." And although MasterCard holders can get a sneak peek on April 2, the trio says it's still at least four weeks out for a full public opening, so, yes, still April.

Photo: Daily Dish/LAT


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