3/06/2013 03:02:00 PM

Trace Creates First Rooftop Aviary for Local Honey

Photo courtesy Flickr user CocteauBoy 
In a valiant effort to keep Austin weird, Trace has added an apiary to its rooftop. Yes, you heard that right. The W Hotel’s restaurant already has a full-time forager on staff, and now it has partnered with local nonprofit the Central Texas Bee Rescue to install 10 hives on the hotel’s roof. From the press release:
“The hives will produce enough honey for W Austin’s TRACE Restaurant to integrate into food and beverage menu offerings and will eventually be incorporated into a variety of treatments in the property’s 4th floor AWAY Spa, drawing on honey’s healing and restorative properties. The first harvest is expected in approximately 60 days.” 
The project is part of Block 21’s commitment to green-building practices, and all of the profits will go toward “rescuing bees in our community.” The hives, of course, are all local.


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