3/29/2013 01:51:00 PM

Things Are Getting (Grilled) Cheesy at The Counter, Clementine

Parmagedon at Clementine
We'd like to say that grilled cheese is having a(nother?) moment - The Melt recently opened two locations in LA, tickets already went on sale for The Grilled Cheese Invitational, the Eric Greenspans is still working on his grilled-cheese only restaurant - but then we remembered that April is Grilled Cheese Month, so beginning Monday, expect to see a slew of grilled cheese chatter for the next few weeks.

First up, The Counter will offer a special grilled cheese sandwich at all 14 Los Angeles-area locations every week through the month of April. The feta-cheese Greek (April 1-7); The Kicker with Tillamook cheddar, jalapeno jack and chipotle aioli (April 8-14); a Caprese (April 15-21); The French Onion on parmesan sourdough bread (April 22-28); and the three-cheese Trifecta (April 29-30). Unlike the burgers, however, you will not be able to build-your-own grilled cheeses.

The gals at Clementine are gearing up for their annual Grilled Cheese Month shenanigans, including Ms. Cheesy, who dishes on all things Ryan Gosling and cheese on her new Tumblr. Every year Annie Miler has a theme - anyone remember the Cheesedance or Melt the Vote campaign? - and this year it will be "retro," a la Ms. Cheesy herself. Which begs the question: Isn't grilled cheese already retro? Look for the new Grilled Cheese Month menu to start on April 1.


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